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New Year's Meme 2013

Inspired by Alex Clark's meme, here is my own entry into this end-of-year fun.

What's the Coolest Thing You Discovered This Year?

Alex had his own focused on Python applications, frameworks, and libraries. Me, I'm going for a more general approach. This year I discovered:


That ...

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New Year's Python Meme 2012

Tarek Ziade has a habit of ending the year with a Python-themed meme. I've matched his meme the times he previousstarted it, and as you can tell from the title of this blog post I'm matching him yet again.

1. What's the coolest Python application, framework or ...

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PyCon 2013 Talks/Tutorials I want to see

This morning, Jesse Noller, the chair of PyCon US, suggested a meme, "PyCon 2013 talks/tutorials I'd like to see". Here is my meme submission:

1. Python Obfuscation Contest

This certain-to-be-controversial talk idea would be where the speaker would solicit Pythonistas to submit a single arcane Python code module ...

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