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Adding Django form instance attributes

Sometimes in the clean(), clean_FOO or save() methods of a Django form, you need to have additional form instance attributes available. A sample case for this is having user_id available. This is a simple example of how to do it in Class-Based Views.

Assuming this form:

from django import forms ...

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Core Concepts of Django ModelForms

In my opinion, the concepts behind Django's model forms can be listed in just six (6) bullets. The bullets I've marked in bold at the top are the topic of this blog post, while the two of these that were covered in a previous blog post on Django ...

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Core Concepts of Django Forms

In my opinion, the concepts behind Django's non-model forms can be listed in just three (3) bullets:

  • Forms render HTML.
  • Forms are "just" Python constructs.
  • Forms validate dictionaries (Python's Key/Value structure).

Let's dig in!

Forms render HTML.

If I construct a Django form:

# myapp/ ...

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Overloading Django Form Fields

One of the patterns we get positive feedback for mentioning in our book is overloading form fields.

The problem this pattern handles is the use case of when we have a model with a field(s) that allows for blank values, how do we force users to enter values?

For ...

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