Hi, I'm Daniel Roy Greenfeld, and welcome to my blog. I write about Python, Django, and much more.


I do Python, Django, and JavaScript out of the Inland Empire in California. I love to read, write, hang out with my wife, and play at Capoeira. I am a total Space and NASA Geek.

Fiction Book

I'm a fiction author!


Technical Books

I co-wrote an ice-cream themed book series on Django with my wife, Audrey Roy Greenfeld. The most current version is for Django 1.8


You can still purchase the 1.6 edition.


And the 1.5 edition


Itinerary in 2013

In 2013 we spent about 5 months living in Europe.

City Country Date Status
Copenhagen Denmark Sept 25-Oct 1 Done!
Manila Philippines Sept 25-Oct 1 Done!
Split Croatia Aug 27-Sept 23 Done!
Zagreb Croatia July 23-Aug 27 Done!
Ljubljana Slovenia July 21-July23 Done!
Florence Italy July 1-July 21 Done!
Pisa Italy July 14 Done!
Bologna Italy June 21-June 30 Done!
Florence Italy June 10-June 21 Done!
Krakow Poland May 24-June 10 Done!
Dynow Poland May 25-28 Done!
Krakow Poland May 24 Done!
Warsaw Poland May 09-24 Done!
Barcelona Spain May 01-09 Done!
Ship Atlantic April 20-May 1 Done!