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On May 12th, 2012, over 50 Python, C++, Ruby, PHP, JavaScript, and Node.js developers arrived to code on a variety of projects. It was awesome! Tons of open source projects saw contributions, and people across languages and frameworks worked together.


Event Background

Less then two weeks before May 12, a bunch of us Los Angeles area Python developers were hanging out and wishing we had a local sprint to attend that was just about developers working on open source projects. It was then that Audrey Roy and I, along with an army of hardworking volunteers, decided to stop wishing and make it happen on May 12th.

We lined up a venue, contacted awesome sponsors, Heroku, Github,, and Cartwheel Academy. As we did that, we also invited people from the many Los Angeles programming communities in Los Angeles to join us. The result of everyone's hard work? We filled up all sixty spots in less than 96 hours!

Some of the projects worked on included:

  • Salt Stack:
  • A node.js-powered streaming terminal, allowing for shared input at a terminal among several participants.
  • A JavaScript powered astrolabe.
  • Settlers of Catan analytics in JavaScript.
  • OpenFrameworks, a cross-platform toolkit for creative coding in C++.
  • My own time at the sprint was spent with Audrey Roy and Randall Degges on engineering cleanup and fixing bugs on OpenComparison.

More open source sprinting on July 15

There's going to be another Los Angeles open source event on July 15 at Originate. Instead of less then two weeks to plan, we have nearly two months - so it's going to be better!

RSVP here:

If you want to sponsor or volunteer, email me at pydanny (at) or audreyr (at) We go out of our way to ensure that sponsors and volunteers feel appreciated.


Published: 2012-05-21 09:30

Tags: python django los-angeles lahackathons


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