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Hi, I'm Daniel Roy Greenfeld, and welcome to my blog. I write about Python, Django, and much more.

I'll be arriving in Argentina on August 14th. I'll be speaking at PyDay Mendoza on August 15th, and sprinting on August 16th on something Audrey and I named the "new library sprint" (more details to come). On August 22nd, I'll be speaking at the combined Buenos Aires Python, Django, and PyLadies Argentina meetup. Between the events I'll be working from the Eventbrite/Eventioz Argentina office.

I'm extremely excited. I've wanted to go to Argentina for years. It's a beautiful country filled with magnificent culture, lovely architecture, great food, superb wine, and wonderful people. Speaking of which, I can't wait to finally put faces to people I've gotten to know over the internet.

Hasta pronto!

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Published: 2014-08-13 13:00

Tags: python django argentina eventbrite pyladies


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