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Since the first Django Girls event I've watched the movement grow with a sense of of awe and inevitability. There is something about it that is both contagious and powerful, and in a very good way. This past weekend I had my first chance to attend one of their events in Ensenada, Mexico.

This is what we saw. A room full of attendees with laser focus. The coaches were clearly inspired by the dedication of the women who had come to learn and grow.


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By the end of the day, the energy hadn't dwindled, it had accelerated.

Saying goodbye to #djangogirls Ensenada. Everyone stayed until the very end.

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No one wanted the day to end.

#djangogirls Ensenada attendees so dedicated they stayed after the event finished! :-)

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We did our small part. We coached and did our best to give an invited inspirational talk.

Programming Gives You Superpowers from Audrey & Daniel Roy Greenfeld

The Django Girls Ensenada organizers did a magnificent job of assembling a wonderful day that touched lives. We were very impressed!

The event had two sponsors, Hala Ken and the US Consulate in Tijuana, Mexico. They did more than just sponsor, they were part of the effort of organizing and running the event.

My co-author, co-presenter, co-everything wife AudreyR also blogged her account of it: Our Trip to DjangoGirls Ensenada, Mexico.

Published: 2015-05-27 10:00

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