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Myself and Audrey Roy Greenfeld have released a course, Creating and Distributing Python Packages. Features it includes:

  • Covers Python packaging details including, not to mention automating things like testing, versioning, documentation, dependency management, and checking for security issues.
  • Available in English or Spanish.
  • Teaches advanced use of Cookiecutter and Cookiecutter PyPackage.
  • Will help fund our open source work in a way that doesn't involve us directly asking people for money (because we suck at that).

Who is this course good for?

Do you have a script, function, class, or snippet of code you copy/paste from project to project? If that's the case, this course is for you. We'll teach you how to package that up and add automated tests, documentation, and so much more.

This especially applies to organizations that share code between projects. If you are copy/pasting common code that means updating it across projects is challenging and error prone, introducing the risk of bugs and security concerns. Plus, odds are it's not tested reliably. By packaging your copy/pasting code and adding automation, it becomes just another dependency, easily updated across multiple projects.

Or what if you have an API that needs a Python client SDK? If that's the case, then this course is perfect for you. You can use this course as a foundation for how to build a tool that isn't just installable on your machine, but is tested across multiple operating systems and versions of Python.

Funding open source

Here's a confession: We're terrible at asking money for Cookiecutter and its ecosystem. While popular amongst individuals and organizations, Cookiecutter is critically underfunded and that's hurting its progress. In fact, as I write this our monthly funding (Raphael Pierzina, me) for Cookiecutter is at $53/month). That means we're almost unpaid volunteers, meaning most Cookiecutter work is done using our personal time instead of work time. Honestly, that's unsustainable for a project of this complexity used by so many people on so many different operating systems with different versions of Python.

By taking this course you will help fund us to continue working on Cookiecutter and related projects. Since we believe in paying it forward, if we get enough students, we plan on donating to the Python Package Index (PyPI).

Why you should take this course

  • You want to learn how to package your python code.
  • You want to automate testing, versioning, testing, documentation, dependency management, and checking for security issues.
  • You or your company uses Cookiecutter or related projects and want to support them financially.

Published: 2018-05-14 16:00

Tags: python django cookiecutter packaging twoscoops


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