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BitCoin and Two Scoops of Django!

Like the title of this blog post says, for Bitcoin purchases we're offering a 25% discount for purchases of Two Scoops of Django. That puts the ebook version at $34.36 and the autographed hardcopy at $38.36. Pretty awesome, right? If you want to take advantage of this awesome deal, the Bitcoin discount is applied during checkout.

Combining the Bitcoin Discount With the Bulk Discount

Yes, the Bitcoin discount can be combined with bulk orders. So if you order 15 books or more, you get both the 20% bulk discount and the 25% bitcoin discount. That means each book is bought at $28.77 versus $47.95! Furthermore, bulk orders are shipped free to anywhere in the world. This makes it an incredible deal for companies, organizations, and user groups.

Stay tuned!

Published: 2018-01-09 01:00

Tags: python book django bitcoin cryptocurrency


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